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Live Club Bands/Artists

After Dark http://www.afterdarktheband.co.uk 

Band of Oz http://www.bandofoz.co.uk

Big Day http://www.bigdayinfo.com/theband.htm

Bitter Suite http://www.bittersuiteband.com/

Blitz http://www.blitzrocks.co.uk/ 

Charlie Don't Surf http://www.charliedontsurf.ukfsn.org/ 

Export http://www.exportlive.co.uk 

Giantz http://www.giantz.co.uk

Harry Coffey Band http://harrycoffeyband.moonfruit.com/

Headlong http://www.headlong.me.uk

Heavy Load http://www.heavyloadband.co.uk/ 

Helen Marie http://www.helen-marie.co.uk 

Infinity http://www.infinityrock.co.uk/

Jagged Edge http://www.jaggededge.me.uk

Janie Mackenzie http://www.janiemack.com/

Jimmy Carol http://www.jimmycarol.com/

Live/Wire http://www.livewiredc.co.uk/

Matrix http://www.matrixtheband.com

Metalworks http://www.metalworks.org.uk/

Mr Chief http://www.mrchiefrock.co.uk 

No Quarter http://groups.msn.com/NOQUARTER1/noquarter.msnw 

Phil Brodie Band http://www.philbrodieband.com

Red Mosquito http://www.redmosquitotheband.com  

Resurgence http://www.resurgence.biz/ 

Rock Legacy  http://www.rocklegacy.com 

Sour Mash http://www.sour-mash.co.uk

Splash Alley http://www.splashalley.co.uk 

Splinter http://www.splinter.info

Storm Bringer http://www.storm-bringer.co.uk/

Ten Feet Tall http://www.ten-feet-tall.co.uk/

Top Gun http://www.topgun-band.co.uk/ 

Touch 2 Much http://www.touch2much.net 

Twin Lizzy http://www.twinlizzy.uk.com

Vamp http://www.vampmusic.co.uk/ 

Van Hooligan http://www.van-hooligan.co.uk/


Alan Wood Agency http://www.alanwoodagency.co.uk/ *Top agents, introduce lots of bands to the club!*

Artiste Database http://www.artiste.moonfruit.com/ *Interesting site dedicated to performing artists*

Bands & Clubs http://www.freewebs.com/bandsandclubs *Promising new site which will include loads of info for clubscene regulars*

Clubland Rockers http://www.freewebs.com/clublandrockers *Fantastic informative website supporting all things clubland and run by the legendary Alcatraz bassist Paul Flanaghan! Check it out!*

Damian Twigg Photography http://www.dt-photography.co.uk *Excellent local music photographer! Check out the work on his website and get in touch for your band's photography needs!*

Diane's Gig List http://www.dianesgiglist.com *Great resource for all you travelling rock fans who want to find out whos on around the area, also home to the best guestbook on the net!*

Moon on a Stick http://www.moononastick.org.uk *Brilliant freelance photography work from Headlong's Rik Rayner - this could be your band's best publicity solution!*

Paul Flanaghan http://www.freewebs.com/alcatrazbass/ *Great bloke and great site. Alcatraz bass player shows you his other music industry involvements*

Planet Rock http://www.planetrock.com *Simply the UK's BEST radio station! Listen on-line via their website!!*

Red 13 PA http://www.red13pa.co.uk *Excellent, professional PA/Lighting hire company*

Rock Of The North  http://www.rockofthenorth.com *Fantastic website, loads of links, some good reviews... generally everything the Northern rocker needs!*

Rotherham Clubbers http://www.rotherham.clubbers.net/ *Great site with gig listings for all Rotherham's clubs*

Sheffield Clubbers http://www.sheffield.clubbers.net/ *Great site with gig listings for all Sheffield's clubs*

The Mercury http://www.the-mercury.co.uk/ *Yorkshire's finest newspaper, promoting good bands and the local clubscene.*

WAS:IS Management http://www.wasismanagement.com/ *Awesome Sheffield agency run by the Gutterband's Neil Tomlinson and featuring the areas best live shows!*

Yorkshire Bands http://www.yorkshirebands.com *Fairly new site set to include loads of useful info and regular gig guides*