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Friday Night's Rock Night!

If you have any photos of your own that you'd like putting on the site, email them to carlwragg89@hotmail.com and i'll do my best. Dial-up internet users may experience slow uploading of the pictures. Please be patient, they're worth it.

Heavy Load - Friday 31st March 2006

The photos below are the initial lot which I uploaded after the gig. (Special thanks to Vanessa for helping me out with the pictures). Since putting these up, I have kindly recieved some more which I am in the process of uploading. Keep checking back!




Cafe - Friday 24th March 2006




2 Out Of 3 - Sunday 19th March 2006







Touch 2 Much - 17th March 2006


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Alexanders Palace - 10th March 2006




Rock Legacy - 3rd March 2006

Due the amount of photos I have, I have made a seperate Rock Legacy page full of photos and also my review of the night and a review from the band's News page. Click on the following link to take you straight to it: http://www.freewebs.com/bellhousewmc/rocklegacy.htm

Here's a few samples. To see the whole lot, click on the link above



Blitz - 24th February 2006




Dee Dowling Band - 12th February 2006




Rock Legacy - 27th January 2006



Alcatraz - 6th January 2006



Tony Liddle Band - 30th December 2005